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Top 5 Lip-biting Erotica Fiction of 2024

You come home, throw your keys on the dresser, and sigh the day away. The whole week was rough. You begin to unravel and start to indulge in your “me-time.” Your favorite book awaits you on the shelf. Flipping through the pages, the immersion, the tension, and the steaming intimacy make for the perfect Friday night.

For all those who are on the lookout for a new “favorite” me-time essential, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered.

In this blog, we will be looking at five books that will have you biting your lips. 

The Right Swipe by Alisha Rai 

The headstrong creator of a popular dating app, Rhiannon, struggles with the complexities of modern-day romance. Her past experiences have made her extremely cynical about love, which includes her recent hookup, who ghosts her. In a twist of fate, a business deal sees the two meet again. The Right Swipe delves into the social norms associated with dating apps, from swiping, ghosting, and sharing nude images. The enemies-to-lovers trope adds a deeper layer to the characters’ sexy interactions. 

A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas

We’re stepping it up a notch with the spiciness. Out of all the books in the ACOTAR series, the fifth installment grabs readers’ attention. The story strays the focus from Feyre to her sister, Nesta, and, oh, the goddess she is. Strong, complex, romance-loving, and adventurous, she takes the series in a completely different direction, and we’re not complaining. At the beginning of the book, we see Nesta depressed, getting completely hammered by booze and random men that she uses to keep her mind quiet. Feyre brings her to a palace 10,000 steps above town, insisting that Nesta trains with the man she once loved. The book is packed with raw sexual tension and toe-curling sex scenes to indulge yourself in. 

Night Shift: A Choose-Your-Own Erotic Fantasy by Joanna Angel

Night shift at a sex shop in a Texas strip mall, you know it’s goin’ down. Taryn, working in the strip mall, explores the kinkiness that lurks in the town. Readers are invited to Taryn’s adventurous sexual encounters thanks to Angel, a porn actress/director and a first-time novelist. This book is packed with thirsty sequences, and, boy, will it quench it. 5 stars.

Happy Endings by Thien-Kim Lam 

Who doesn’t love a happy ending?

Trixie Nguyen, a sex-toy sales rep, teams up with her restaurant-owning ex, Andre Walker, on a venture. The author does not hold back in letting this delectably peculiar plot shine through. One thing is certain: You will qualify for a Ph.D. in sex toy-ology by the end of this book.

The Game of Seduction by Ike Henry and Glorious Joseph 

We aren’t playing any games with this one, except one that will make you fall in love with the erotica fiction genre. The Game of Seduction is a story that is not only mind-numbingly sexy but educational, too. 

Meet Zoe, a twenty-eight-year-old African American beauty, the second daughter of a family of two from a very religious background. She’s got everything: the perfect smile, delicate light brown skin, and the body of a South African goddess with curves so alluring that only God could’ve drawn them himself. However, what is truly intriguing about Zoe is not just her physical attributes but her mind. Readers are invited into a sexually enlightening journey where Zoe embraces her inner femme fatale. 

The Game of Seduction is now available on Amazon.